This is the Spotlight Ovarian Shirt in Black.
This is the Spotlight Ovarian Shirt in Asphalt.
This is the Spotlight Ovarian Shirt in Slate.

Spotlight Ovarian

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Put the Spotlight on Ovarian Cancer 

Unfortunately, most people don't know a lot about ovarian cancer. This needs to change. It's time to put the spotlight on ovarian cancer, which is what this shirt does by pairing an orange background with Verucor Teal's stunning insignia. Verucor Teal's insignia is a rallying cry to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, to effectuate change for the ovarian cancer community. And the orange that permeates Verucor Teal's insignia symbolizes a spotlight, a spotlight on ovarian cancer. From the moment you put on this powerful and energizing shirt, you'll be raising awareness of ovarian cancer.          

Verucor’s About Us page explains why Verucor vows to fight ovarian cancer. When you purchase this shirt, Verucor will donate 30% of its profits to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition


  • Made in the USA
  • Colors: Available in Black, Asphalt, and Slate
  • Fit: Snug  
  • Material: 100% cotton

Help Fight Ovarian Cancer